2023’s Biggest Wedding Ceremony Music Trend…

We LOVE creating Live Music for Jersey Wedding Ceremonies…and this year the trend is for…PERSONALISATION!

Do you want to walk down the aisle to music that is deeply personal to you & your loved ones? Which song means the world to you? 

2023 has already seen us writing out a diverse mix of personalised music arrangements for our Clients:

1. A romantic movie theme from ‘Love Actually’
2. An atmospheric Irish hymn
3. An exquisite New Zealand love-song
4. A Parisian torch-song
5. A Frank Sinatra swing tune

And we can’t wait to perform our bespoke arrangements this Wedding season!

If you want to personalise your Wedding Ceremony music, tell your musicians:

  1. The name of the tune you have in mind
  2. The name of the band/artiste who performs it
  3. Supply, if possible, a Youtube link to the tune

This info will help your musicians research the tune & decide if it’s a viable choice for their line-up.

Bossa Basseline Music has decades of experience in creating really beautiful, personalised musical arrangements for Jersey couples.

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