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Sara is a fully qualified Legal Civil Celebrant so she can conduct the complete wedding ceremony for anyone wishing to get married outside of a religious building.  

Sara has a unique background in managing events ranging from Royal Visits and V.I.P. visits in Jersey, to smaller chic gatherings. Her current work requires expert coordination skills and organisational expertise that are second to none, with specific attention to detail.  

Sara is a LGBT champion and has established strong partnerships within the LGBT community. Sara welcomes couples of any gender.  


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'Your wedding day is one of the most precious days of your life, so when you sit down to view your wedding photographs, I want you to truly feel as though you have been transported back to your special day & a flood of memories come rushing back with every photo you see. It means you will always be able to re-live your magical day!  

I absolutely love capturing those precious moments between the two of you, from a hearty giggle during the speeches to a teary look of pure joy as you say your vows.The cake will get eaten & the flowers will die, but your photos will last forever. That's why I believe photography is not only amazing but essential too. What's important to me is capturing emotions that will be frozen in time forever. Those special moments between the two of you, & your family & friends, are so precious & should always be cherished.

These special images can be admired for years to come, so the moments & emotions of the big day will never be forgotten. My style is very natural, & my aim is to be as discreet at possible & to blend into the background. I truly believe that people look their best when they forget the camera is there, & they are at their most natural & relaxed. I am a perfectionist in my work and truly want to give you the best possible photos of the most magical day, that bring back the happiness, laughter & memories whenever you look at them! I always look for the best light & backdrops throughout the day, creating for you beautiful photos that will last a lifetime.'

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Carole & Jules on their Wedding Day

Carole & Jules on their Wedding Day

When we got married recently, we hired Poppy Larbalestier to capture our Wedding Day for us. We've watched Poppy work many times before when we've been performing at Weddings, and she is discreet yet captures the most fantastic images!

Despite it being a damp, cold, windy day, Poppy's positivity and guidance resulted in a wonderful set of images which really captured our happiness.

We LOVE looking through all the photos that Poppy took - and we can't recommend her highly enough!

Carole & Jules
Bossa Basseline Music