Being a part of your Wedding Day is what we love the most!

Here's a small selection of photos taken on our Wedding Ceremony & Drinks Reception bookings...

saxophone player

Jules caught in action on his saxophone at a Duo Wedding Reception booking.

sax & guitar duo performing at a garden wedding

The Bossa Basseline Duo perform at a Garden Wedding Drinks Reception.

jazz guitarist on quartet gig

Our Jazz Guitarist Mick on a Latin-Jazz themed Quartet Wedding booking.

close-up of guitarist

Carole, playing a Bossa Nova on guitar.

latin trio on outdoor wedding gig

Jules & Ken setting up for a Latin-jazz themed Trio Wedding Drinks Party.

saxophonist and rooster on outdoor wedding drinks gig

Jules is joined by a special guest at a Wedding Drinks Reception...Roger the Rooster!

smiling guitarist at wedding ceremony gig

Carole captured during a Garden Wedding Ceremony with the Bossa Basseline Duo. Photo courtesy of Paul Wright Photographer.

jazz quartet packing up after wedding drinks gig

Jules, Ken & Mick pack up after a garden Jazz Quartet Drinks Reception booking.